NY Townhouse

Wine pegs - Modern wine rack display system

Wine pegs - Modern wine rack display systemWine pegs - Modern wine rack display system

Hardware: Nek Rite 1 & 2 + XY in matte black
Materials: Jade onyx, walnut, LED lights, glass, stainless steel + aluminum
Cooling unit: yes
Dimensions: 8ft x 18ft
Bottle capacity: 1000 bottles
Budget: $90,000
Timeline: 16 weeks
Collaborators: Curious Yellow Designs


The team at Curious Yellow Designs was introduced to Vin de Garde when their New York City-based client requested the addition of a custom wine room in his home. Originally, the space was a 16,000 sq. ft. apartment building comprised of fifteen separate apartments. Today, the building has been transformed into a contemporary single family dwelling filled with light. The high design interior revamp includes a fresh color palate, a 1000-bottle custom wine cellar, a new kitchen and bathrooms, refreshed decor and contemporary custom furniture.

The creation of the richly textured black wine cellar was a joint effort, incorporating Vin de Garde’s modern minimalist design style with the sophisticated and elegant vision of Curious Yellow Designs.

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