Wine Pegs Sale Collection

The wine storage displays on sale include our OS edition hardware, XY 3x3 kit series and our Nek Rite Limited Edition series.

The Nek Rite 3 OS hardware has some minor differences from our ordinary Nek Rite line. The OS sets have been designed for extra stability by using 4 silicone o-ring cut outs in each wine rod's bottle groove, which helps to increase their stability. The Nek Rite 3 series is specifically designed to display your bottles horizontally, so that you can display your most prized vintages artfully, without needing to compromise on wine storage capacity. Designed to ensure maximum air circulation, each bottle rests securely on two wine rack pegs which sit parallel to the wall panel to provide maximum air flow, along with high visibility of the wine label. Only the finest grade aluminum is used in this limited small run, which has been treated to stand up to the non-oxidizing conditions of the cellar.

XY 3x3 kit series is in an X , Y matrix – which allows you to install your bottles three wide and three high on a modular, predrilled wall panel system. Colors can be mixed and matched within a wide range of options that are offered. The panels are designed to be mounted on existing walls without difficulty. Collectors can simply just mount their panels directly on to a wall. This spectacular system allows for maximum airflow on the panel. With the wine bottle cork facing out, each wine bottle is held by two wine rods perpendicular to the wall.

Nek rite Limited edition series hardware incorporates some slight variations from our standard Nek Rite series. These Limited Edition sets were manufactured from smaller-runs, made from premium aluminum materials and coated with diverse finishes. Unlike our classic Nek Rite wine racks, this exclusive hardware is designed without the need for silicone o-rings. The Nek Rite Limited Edition series provides an alternative option to our standard wall mounted wine racks.