Wine Pegs thread stud 12 pack. Mounting hardware.
Wine Pegs thread stud 12 pack. Mounting hardware.

Threaded Stud - 12 Pack - Canada

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Each bag includes 12 X 1/4-20 threaded studs.  A threaded stud is Wine Pegs' Accessories premier fastener choice and a necessary component when you do not have access to the backside of your wall panel to install a connector bolt.  

Mount each Wine Peg from the front of your panel using 1 x threaded stud and 1 x threaded insert.  Each sold separately.  

Each threaded insert is 1/4-20 thread and comes in either 1/2" [13mm] or 3/4" [20mm] length to match your wall panel thickness.  


For custom cellar design and build services please contact our partners at Vin De Garde via email at 

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  • x12 Threaded Insert