Wine Cellar Inspiration: Basement Bar - Kintyre Model 2015 Spring Parade of Homes

Wine cellar in a basement bar using Wine Pegs wine display peg systems.

When we think of the word 'basement', words associated with a dark, cavernous-hole typically come to mind. That is, unless your Gonyea Homes. Then of course, you would see just this sort of space as an opportunity to build a magnificent bar where people can eat, drink and be merry!

The Kintyre Model 2015 Spring Parade of Homes basement bar incorporates elements of an old English pub infused with both modern and contemporary elements. This makes it both sophisticated and inviting --- with a little English charm. 

The wine display in the right hand corner uses a high-bottle capacity storage system, the BETA BLOC series, offered on The rods are 1/2" in diameter and 7.5" in length - enough for 3 pegs to hold one 750mL bottle. If you can believe it, this tiny wine display holds just under 100 bottles. 

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