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Innovative wall-mounted wine storage systems that fit your modern home.

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Cork forward Beta Bloc Wine Peg series

Beta Bloc Wine Pegs

The Beta Bloc Series is wine storage deconstructed. Infinitely scalable, each shared Beta Bloc rod allows your bottles to nest securely, while maintaining our simple design aesthetic.

Label forward Wine Peg Nek Rite series

Nek Rite 1-2-3 Wine Pegs

The Nek Rite series strikes the perfect balance between accommodating your wine collection and displaying your best labels. Solid aluminum components cradle the bottle horizontally in depths for 1, 2 or 3 bottles.

Wine Pegs cork forward XY series

XY Wine Pegs

XY series is a ready to assemble, modular wall-mounted wine storage system. With a variety of colors, you can design an innovative wall-mounted wine cellar that suits your space and your personal taste.

Beta Bloc Wine Pegs —Versatile,
Scalable, Elegant

Minimalist and meticulously constructed wine peg wall system designed to display and complement your prized wine bottles.

Beta Bloc Wine Pegs for wall displays

Nek Rite Wine Pegs —Elegance
Meets Innovation

A design that focuses on aesthetics and presentation, with an eye on versatility and individuality. Our most iconic wine peg for wall wine displays.

Nek Rite Wine Peg

XY Wine Pegs —The Original
Wall-mounted Wine Pegs

Modular wall-mounted wine peg system, stores your wine beautifully and efficiently.

The XY Wine Peg for wall wine

Endless Configurations

Our wine pegs are meticulously crafted rod systems, configurable for wine bottle collections of every size.

Elegance Meets Innovation

Our wall-mounted wine pegs present your wine collection in style, designed for high visibility and easy access.

XY series Wine Pegs installed on backlit acrylic panel

Our patented wine pegs storage systems are designed and manufactured in Canada to exacting standards with exceptional fit and finish.