Wine Storage California

When asked about California, thoughts can turn to any number of things that the state is known for. Some will think first of the spectacular beaches. It is believed that there are more than 840 miles of sandy bliss awaiting swimmers and sunbathers. The beach also offers surfing, of course. Others might think of the beautiful national parks, as the 280 state parks. Visitors can find breathtaking scenery and towering redwood trees.

Then there’s also a little place called Hollywood.

Of course, another thing that California is known for is its wine. California produces more wine than any other state, with vineyards that host more than 100 grape varieties. The most popular is chardonnay, but every variety has its devotees. Many grapes are indigenous to other countries such as Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Some of the oldest zinfandel vines can be found here.

With wine and wineries playing such a significant role in California, it is not surprising to find so many wine enthusiasts here. Some will simply buy and enjoy the occasional bottle, while for others, collecting is a passion.

Like any high-end collectible, wine can be a point of pride for the collector, who will need a place to store their many bottles. Wine storage systems have evolved past simple wine racks walls, or wooden shelves in a wine cellar. These methods remain perfectly fine, but many modern wine collectors wish to make a statement with their wine storage systems.

Storing wine has certain do’s and don’ts to follow such as:

  • Do keep it cool. Wine should not experience too much heat or temperature fluctuation.
  • Don’t store it in the refrigerator, except perhaps to chill it before serving. Your fridge is too cold to store it long term.
  • Do turn off the lights, as light can have a negative effect on the wine’s quality. Although the wine may come in a dark bottle, it is best to keep it from bright light, especially sunlight.
  • Don’t shake. Some believe that excessive vibration can damage the wine over time by speeding up chemical reactions.
  • Do buy a wine cooler. If you don’t have a space in your home that can meet the requirements for light and temperature, a wine cooler can be a great option.

Aside from these considerations, what many collectors want is to display their favourite or most prized bottles in a beautiful manner. After all, a high-priced collectible deserves a good home. Modern wine storage systems are elegant, yet functional, and offer flexibility for creating your own unique wine rack walls.

Whether you are looking to store a few bottles, or a few dozen, our modular systems can do it all. Contact us today for more information.