Learn about the XY series

The look and feel of this product is minimalistic, elegant, clean, and is one of our most popular series. It's original, unique, and patented worldwide. With the XY Series, each bottle rests between two identical ½” rods, this allows for the greatest flexibility in designing for individual bottles. You can easily design certain sections in the cellar for Bordeaux, for Champagne, and for Burgundy. The XY will fit any dimension 750ml bottle.

The XY Series provides a clean space when bottles are removed, and is an interesting design element when bottles are nested within the system. Rather than working within constraints created by traditional wine cellar racking, spacing dimensions are based on each bottle's outer diameter and can be adjusted to feature the finished backing panel. Like all our other systems, the XY is versatile in that you can install from the front or the back of the panel.

XY series wine rack wall diagram

Visit completed projects using our XY series below: