As the manufacturer, we are a key partner to our clients. From conception to installation, we help you to develop, specify, and install our wine pegs systems.
Transforming spaces into spectacular modern wine walls.

Through considered design we innovated traditional wine cellar storage, developing a niche in the market. Our patented wall-mounted wine pegs can be found in some of the world's most luxurious wine cellars.

1. Design and Customisation
Utilising our innovative configurator tool, tailor our patented wine pegs to your specific aesthetic and functional needs. Customize your layout configuration to match your existing interior design and wine collection size.

2. Technical Specifications
We provide detailed specifications, including 3D models, spacing dimensions, weight capacities, and installation requirements, ensuring a perfect fit. Our systems are designed to accommodate both large collections and smaller, more intimate displays.

3. Installation Guidance
Receive comprehensive installation guidelines to ensure straightforward setup, whether you opt for professional installation or prefer to handle it yourself. Our wall-mounted systems are designed for secure and seamless integration into any modern space.

Wine pegs
As the first to market modern wine cellar hardware, our patented designs redefined traditional wine storage, blending functionality with modern aesthetics. Precision made from high-quality materials, our wine pegs are trusted by Architects and Trade professionals worldwide.

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