Wine Pegs DXF template for wine storage system.
Wine Pegs DXF template for wine storage system.

DXF Template

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In the event that you are going to be drilling your own wall panels, we can provide DXF templates to ensure proper spacing and layout remain intact. To do so we will need you to provide the dimensions of the space, the racking system being used and a drawing with precise stud and wood blocking placement. 


Package includes:
1 X receive and review supplied plans
1 X produce two dimensional (2D) drawing according to the supplied plans and intake forms 
1 X deliver drawing as PDF with outside dimensions only  
1 X receive and review returned mark-up plans  
1 X make 1 revision based on complete mark-up and notes provided by the buyer  
1 X deliver DXF file for buyers programmer to convert and program with

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