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the Nek Rite series

The Nek Rite series has been designed to display your bottle collection label forward and parallel to the wall. We have developed this system to allow for easy access, high visibility, with an option of storing up to three bottles deep, without any concern of the bottles colliding or the need to remove them from the rack. The Nek Rite 1 features each of your prize labels in an extremely low-profile design. The Nek Rite 2 allows you to store two bottles on one side of rods, which provides good capacity and easy access to your collection. The Nek Rite 3 provides the greatest storage capacity and still features all of your prize labels simply and efficiently.

Spacings can be adjusted to fit the diameter of each bottle in your collection or to feature your wall panel material. The unique shape of each rod, and our specifically placed custom silicone O-rings, cradles both the neck and the punt of each bottle safely within the system. The ¾” diameter of each rod provides cantilever strength for all 750 ml bottles to be stored safely. As with all of our other hardware systems, you can assemble and install the Nek Rite series either from the front or the back of the panel.

Wall mounted Nek Rite wine rack diagram

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