Educational Series
If transforming a space into a breathtaking wine display is something you're interested in, let us help you!

Below we have some articles to help you learn how to specify, design and work with our products.

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The origins of the Beta Bloc wine peg

The Beta Bloc is an intelligent, cumulative wine storage system. The look and feel of this product is much more industrial than our XY and Nek Rite series. The 1” diameter of each rod provides a very organized, linear space where each rod is shared for a consolidated assembly. This makes set-up, machining, assembly and installation possible in almost half of the time compared to our other systems.

Beta Bloc wine pegs being shown how they are used and installed.

Bottle spacings can be adjusted vertically to feature your wall panel material or to suit bottle capacity needs. Compatible with our fastener systems, you can assemble and install the hardware from the front or the back of your panel. We're proud that we produce every one of our components here in Canada, and all of the raw materials sourced in North America. We deliver our products as brushed aluminum and flat black as our standard finishes. They'll match the finishes in the rest of your home.

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