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Wine Peg Comparison

There are many types of wine pegs but there is only one that stands out.
We have perfected the quality and function of the wine peg that far exceeds any competition. We are the original Wine pegs.

With many bottle display variations, you may be wondering what the unique differences are between each wine peg style. Each peg style is designed to display your prized wine collection in different ways.
There are two main styles which we will cover. One is the Cork Forward display and the other is the Label Forward display. Each has their own benefits and ultimately it will all come down to style, collection size and space.

Label Forward display style

The label forward display style is all about showcasing the full label of the bottle, parallel to the wall. This style of storage requires extra space, but allows a much more elegant way to showcase your prize bottle labels. Each peg, when installed, is done so at a slight offset to ensure the bottle is held level onto the wall. 

Wine peg comparison showing the different kinds that are available.

With our Nek Rite series, there are three versions that allow you to display 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep. This style gives you the most flexibility if you want both visibility and capacity for your wine cellar.

Cork forward display

The Cork Forward style is ideal for maximising storage capacity. Cork Forward means that the cork end of the bottle faces away from the wall and out towards you. This takes up less space compared to the label forward style and allows for greater bottle capacity to fit into one area. 

The different kinds of wine pegs that are available being shown.

The XY is our original wine peg and requires two pegs per bottle. The bottle spacings can be adjusted to create as much or as little space between each bottle to either increase storage capacity needs or to feature the finished wall panel material. While the XY has two pegs per bottle, the Beta Bloc series shares a peg with another nested bottle, which means that you will have 3 pegs for 2 bottles, this, along with the larger diameter peg, offers greater scalability with a finished industrial and organised look.

Can't decide?

Can’t decide on a style? Why not incorporate both into your design? This will give you both the storage that you need while being able to show off your labels. To learn more, click here to view our product. Have questions regarding installation or design? Please contact us at +1 866 999 2103 or use our contact form.

Wine pegs comparison. The benefits of using a wine peg.